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How we flipped the strategy of a stagnant B2B brand and beat their sales goals by over 550%

Client:  Phillips 66

The Ask:  Help the Phillips 66 family of brands overcome their perception of being dated and out-of-touch by creating a winning campaign.

Key Research: Customer and prospect secondary research, understanding of the Phillips 66 offerings

The Problem: There seemed to be a universal concern among the target – they weren’t sure they were getting the most support possible from their fuel provider, but they were too worried to make a change.

My “Aha” Moment: In better understanding the Phillips 66 offerings, I found they were actually quite innovative – they just weren’t communicating their programs well. I also found that there was a possibility to convince prospects that making a change doesn’t have to mean taking a chance – if you are switching to a future-forward company. 

Strategy: Empower prospects that making the “right” change is mandatory in this shifting fuel industry.  Change their fears from switching to not switching – because standing in place is the fastest way to be left behind.

Creative: The campaign line chosen was “Power Ahead” and we developed a forward-thinking, multi-touch campaign with lead-generation capabilities that reached prospects in ways never before achieved. 

Results: 555% over campaign goal for new accounts, $206M in pipeline revenue generated. Best performing campaign in Phillips 66 history.

Team Credits: Tony Stern – CD; Suzie “Z” Jennings – Copy; George Kewekordes – Design; Lisa Parker – Account